Christian Rivera Rosario
A born artist who has refined his vision of the world through a lens. His style evokes passion and precision, pulled from his Caribbean Puerto Rican heritage. First glance, he complements and manipulates the use of artificial lights to develop artistic images, creating and performing a unique style of photography very minimalist. His pictures take bold turns and leave​ the viewer with a clear visual that stays with them. 
He is naturally drawn to bring out the beauty in each of his subjects, using learned techniques balanced with six years of in-field experience. He has earned the trust and respect of many clients, in multiple countries, through his work ethic and dependability on time-sensitive projects within the advertising industry. He has elaborated projects with different modeling agencies and with a variety of models in the industry. In the same way, he has participated in photo shoots for fashion designers, decorators, architects, chefs, government personnel of Puerto Rico, prestigious professors and important events.
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