UZBL or ‘Usable’ began in 2010 and is located in sunny Southern California.
Inspired by the soft, cushioning covers on the Wii controllers, UZBL designed and introduced the first cushioning iPad case for kids soon after the release of the original iPad in April 2010.
Due to the robust design and usable protection, UZBL products are in the hands of consumers and educational institutions across the country.
The company’s product lines have evolved with the help of feedback from many educators are now found in schools across the country protecting and cushioning Apple iPads and now Google and Lenovo devices.
In constant contact with educators and tech departments, UZBL has innovated unique design elements into its cases and stands which has allowed over 600 schools districts and private schools to standardize on the UZBL brand.
Our goal is to reach all schools in the United States and provide UZBL to all the people that use iPad caseS
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